Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MEATBALL !!! -- Why did I run again so soon?!!!!

OUCH - That was dumb.  Why did I run again so soon.  Last Friday's run up in Howe IN kind of did me in but by Monday afternoon I was looking at the weather map and thinking that the foot didn't feel too bad.  And acutally it didn't feel bad at all and I was kind of amazed at how the skin had completely healed and there was no residual pain...after all it had been a whole 72 hours since I was bleeding.  God has given us amazing healing power in our feet (and our whole body for that matter).  I decided to go out when it was about 39 degrees (and dry) to get ahead of the incoming snow.  My route gave me the choice of a half mile, a one mile, a 3.1 mile or a 4.2 mile total.  I checked the feet 3 different times (at .5, 1.0, 1.6) and everything looked (and felt fine).  So I went for the whole 4.2 and decided to check again at about the 3 mile point. 
Uh-oh.  At 3 miles I started to see a little "pink" on the healing wound and the weird part was that the OUTSIDE of my foot was hurting/burning again...kindof like last Friday.  I surmised again that with the outside edge of my foot hurting I was changing my gait and putting new pressure on the ball of the foot and leading to another blister on top of blister.  The pavement was still a little wet in spots too, which may not have helped either.  I decided to just grin and bear it and actually kind of pickep up my pace on the last mile.  But when I got back after 4.2  miles, it was brutal....I had to take a photo and didn't even bother to brush the leaf off my foot.  (I think it would have hurt to much to wipe my feet anyway.)  Of course I did soak in an ice bath after and then hit the hot tub.  Even though the foot felt even worse than Friday, I felt okay about it knowing it would heal quickly.  And I did stay ahead of the approx. 2 inch snow we had the next day.  Now it's Wednesday and I'm sitting in the Boston airport on my 4 hour layover on the way to London.  The foot feels pretty good today, 48 hours later, but I would definitely not be up for a run today.  Looking forward to sleeping on the plane and maybe getting in a short run in Wales on Friday or Saturday.  Yes, I did bring the Vibram 5-Fingers since I know the weather forecast is cold and rainy for the whole time I'm there.  I also know my running routes from the hotel and much of it is trail or road with some gravel sections, so not really conducive to barefooting.  But we'll see!
Happy Barefooting!
BF Dan

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  1. Wow. You are hard core...and apparently getting to be "hard feet" as well step by step (so to speak.)