Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Barefoot in Honduras - Are you crazy!!!

Hello Barefooters,
Sorry for the long hiatus.  I just returned from a 2 week mission trip in Talanga Honduras.  First off, let me say it was a truly amazing trip.  I travelled with World Mission Builders, with 27 people from 6 different states.  With God's providence, we completed the building project which was a 28 x 80 concrete block church building for Pastor Celeo Archaga of the Cuerpo de Cristo (Body of Christ) Christian Church.  The team worked really well together and we were even able to furnish the inside with 46 handmade pews, pulpit and communion table.  At the dedication ceremony last Wed. we had 169 in attendance and had 4 people came forward during the alter call, two of which were baptised in the new baptismal pool we had literally just filled only minutes before.
I acutally got in 4 different barefoot runs during the trip.  Each one was unique in that I had different running partners for each...no others were barefoot although I did offer.  The first run was myself and team leader Travis.  We started out from the hotel and ran out toward the main highway.  The road started out as rutted dirt with all kind of debris and then quickly changed to concrete strewn with pebbles/sand and in sections switched back to dirt or gravel.  Needless to say, this was quite a challenge for my Newbie barefeet, but they held up just fine and we got in a good 3 mile run.  It was great to get in a run in a place I wasn't sure it was possible.  A couple days later, we did another 3 miler and Trav and I took along Nick from Tennesee.  I was happy to be keeping pace with them even though I did have to slow down for a couple of rough spots.  I got lots of stares since I don't think anyone down there had ever seen a Gringo barefoot runner.  Then two days later, both of my running buddies had returned to the states, so I ran alone for the first time.  I actually picked up the pace and ran all the way to the sawmill and back for a good 4 miler.  Later that morning at the jobsite, I stepped in a ditch full of water with both feet and that turned out to be not so good.  My feet ached in my workshoes and I actually had to take my left shoe off several times during the day.  I had a hot spot on the outside ball of the left foot and actually sort of thought maybe I had some imbedded glass or a thorn or something.  I looked and looked but never could find anything and the next day it felt fine.  So then another 2 days later, I took Lucas from Arizona out for another 4 miler to the sawmill and back.  Lucas had been in Honduras for a few weeks before our team arrived and had done a few runs but never with a running partner and, of course, not a barefoot partner! 
We had a really good run and my roommate Steve snapped this picture as we returned to the hotel.  This turns out to be the only picture I've seen of myself in barefoot action and I must say I think my footstrike is just as I had been visualizing it.  I flew back last Friday and then went out at home for a 6 miler on my home course.  I'm not sure what happened but I ended up with a huge blood blister on the ball of each foot (maybe my speed was a little too quick).  This was definitely disappointing but by Wed. of the following week (today) I was able to go out for a 3.1 miler on the home course with no issue or additional damage.  The other possibility is that I had "forgotten" my good form while running on the dirt roads and with running partners in Honduras.  Regardless, these great runs in Honduras were totally worth it.  So today, during my short run, I really tried to concentrate on my foot landing and high cadence.  It really seemed to help and the feet feel fine now after a 2 minute ice bath.
Happy Barefooting, See you on the roads, Barefoot Dan Lutes

Barefoot Miles 1st week in Honduras = 6
Barefoot Miles 2nd week in Honduras = 14 (includes 6 miler back home in Indiana)

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