Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Now at 2.5 Miles, yeah!

Hello fellow barefooters.  As I increase my mileage, I'm finding I can only go about twice a week since I need almost 3 days in between to recover.  Last week I did my first 2 miler on Monday and had to wait till Friday to run again.  We were in Gnadden Huten Ohio and the roads were VERY rough, like chip and seal but with large river rock.  I ran the 2 miler with my buddy Mike who was in shoes and graciously slowed his pace patiently while I ouched my way along.  We reached some smooth pavement finally in the middle of the run but it was very slow and I may have bruised the balls of my feet and heels slightly.  I recovered over the weekend and then did my first ever 2.5 miler on my "home course" here in Westfield IN.  I seemed to have hot spots on both feet at the 2nd metatarsil, worse on right foot.  Also a slight inside of right ankle pain.  It was difficult to walk around the first two days, but by today, Thursday, I did another 2.5 miler and it was much better.  The temp was 42 which almost felt cold at first with my toes seeming to go numb.   But as I warmed up I really started to enjoy this temperature.  I paused twice to look at my feet and examine the "hot spots" from Mondays run.  I continued on and now feel fine on left foot but right foot does have a slight blister on the ball under my 2nd metatarsil.  Both feel much better after the run this time and I am continue the 2.5 min ice bath after each run when possible.  Also I did get my first barefoot article published this week in the Club Kokomo Roadrunner newsletter so I will do a second post and show it.  Happy Running, BF Dan

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