Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Out Like a Lamb

Hello Barefooters,

Still a little snow in March to "ice" the feet afterward
Well, March is finally over and we actually had some pretty decent weather to run in.   I ended up with about 135 barefoot miles for the month with the much milder temps.  It was truly a pleasure to get in some 8 and 10 mile runs in the sun, as opposed to January and February when many of the runs were 1 mile or less just to avoid frostbite.  The first three weeks of the month netted my biggest mileage weeks of the year.  Needless to say I'm well behind on my 38 mile per week average needed to net 2000 for the year, but that may still be my stretch goal, we'll see!
The highlight for the month would definitely be my new barefoot PR at the 5K distance in the Westfield Underground Railroad on March 22.  I ran this same race last year but targeted the "speed" this year by doing some barefoot speedwork the week before the race.  I ran a couple of 7 minute miles in the middle my regular runs the week before on Monday and Tuesday and then took Wed through Fri off completely to rest the feet for the big race on Saturday.  There was a threat of rain overnight, but thankfully the forecasters got it wrong and we had completely dry pavement to start the day.  The morning temp was in the high thirties which made for near perfect weather conditions.  The pavement of course, left a little to be desired...this harsh Indiana winter has created potholes everywhere and even the "good" asphalt is littered with pebbles.

With Megan at 5K Start
Glass in Foot After Race
I went out with the intent to try to break 22 minutes and hold about a 7 minute pace...and surprisingly, I did just that.  I said quite a few prayers in those 3 miles, mostly thanks for the dry pavement but also asking to be able to hold the pace.  The prayers were definitely answered with pretty even splits (all within 15 seconds of each other).  I was even able to hold the pace after picking up a nasty little piece of glass in the ball of my right foot in Asa Bales Park with about half a mile to go.  Normally, I would have stopped and brushed this off, but even though I could feel it, I actually thought it was a bit of tar and rock and didn't bother.  After all, I had a 7 minute pace going!  Afterwards I sat in the van and picked the glass out and took this lovely picture.  It actually looks a lot worse than it really was.  I stuffed a napkin in my sandal an hobbled back to the finish line to watch my 13 year old daughter Megan finish her race.  I was a great day for the whole Lutes family. 

Whole Lutes Family Participated
My wife Linda and daughters Rachel and Sarah also did the walk so they came in a short while later.
Megan came in 3rd in her age group and I acually came in 1st in my now "over 50" category and won a $15 gift certificate to The Blue Mile which I cashed in for some Body Glide and a blinky light...Hey, I don't need shoes anymore you know!  The new BPR is 21:49 and beat last year's time by almost 2 minutes.  I came in 26th out of 388 (Top 7%) not bad for barefoot! 
Last Slushy Run, I hope!
I nursed the wound the next week but acually ran on it 48 hours later and got in 22 miles for the week.  We had another slushy late winter snowstorm Saturday so the run was cut short. 
But this morning I got in a nice 8 miler so hopefully this is the start of a nice high mileage week with warmer temps forecast.
Well, I'm glad to have the speed coming back...it's been 2.5 years coming...over 2 years now completely barefoot...and no plans to slip the shoes back on any time soon.  Now to continue the preparation for my next challenge --- a sub 4 hour marathon at the Colfax Marathon in Denver CO on May 18.

Happy Training Barefooters!

Barefoot Dan

March Mileage = 134.5 miles

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