Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Will This Winter Ever End?

Hello Barefooters,

Will this winter ever end?  I mean, I like cold weather running but this is getting ridiculous!  One highlight (err...maybe lowlight) of the month was my coldest run ever.  This was a balmy 5 degrees and beat my previous record of 11 degrees.  Not really the kind of record you want to try to beat, as I spent several days recovering from some minor frostbite.
February makes icing the feet after a run easy!

Even with all the cold weather, I only missed 4 days of running.  This was mostly due to some well timed business trips.  One trip to IL was during an extreme cold spell and allowed me to get in a couple of treadmill runs.  The other was just this week down to McAllen TX where I was able to get in 3 longer runs of 5.34, 7.22 and 10.32 miles on a nice bike path and some relatively smooth city streets.  The first day was a blistering 81 degrees, but then the "cold" weather hit and the other 2 runs were in the 40s.  Still much better than the single digits awaiting me back in Indiana.  I did wait for the heat of the day today (31 degrees) and got in a quick 6 miles between conference calls.  That made for the biggest week of the year so far at 39 miles, which doesn't even count Saturday yet.  
Three Nice South Texas Runs of 5.34 Miles, 7.22 Miles and 10.32 Miles

I'm hoping for some warmer weather soon so I can start training for my first big race of the year The Colfax Marathon in Denver CO on May 18th.  This will be one of the 5 remaining states I will try to run in under 4 hours to complete my 50Sub4 circuit, but will be my first marathon attempt barefoot in under 4 hours.  It's good to be getting my speed back, but I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.  I will also do some shorter races prior to that.  I'm looking forward to repeating the Westfield Underground Railroad 5K next month, this time with the whole family.

Happy Barefooting (and don't worry Spring IS coming!)

Barefoot Dan

February Mileage = 87 miles

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