Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Miles in 2017

Happy New Year Barefooters,

December running keeps the mileage low.
I'm resting now and enjoying the colder temps to take a break from the higher mileages.  I've enjoyed the month of December and was able to time out my runs to still achieve my overall annual goal of 2000 miles and still not run in any of the super cold temps.  In Indiana, along with the rest of the nation, the temps have been anything but "barefoot friendly."  I was lucky enough to find a sunny window this past Thursday to get in a 17 degree 6.34 mile run to hit my mileage goal for the year >>> 2017 miles in 2017!!!!

The difficult thing with these winter runs is to find enough dry pavement and low wind to avoid frostbite.  In this case I actually drove to a nearby subdivision (something I rarely do) in order to run directly from my car on dry pavement without stepping in slush, water or ice and still get in the 6 miler.

This was actually the lowest total annual mileage in the past four years but I was very happy to get over 2000 once again.  Of course this was a secondary goal to the main goal of completing my 50Sub4 Quest which I did back in November.  I was also blessed in November to achieve a new Barefoot PR in the Half Marathon of 1:44:40...not that fast really, but of course, a BPR is a BPR!!

Other great barefoot accomplishments for the year included running barefoot in 7 different countries and 3 new ones:  Mexico, Belize and Indonesia.  And at least four new barefoot states of Florida, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Nevada.  I also got in two 300+ mile months in both August and October.  I also complete my longest section of the Appalachian trail completely barefoot with over 50 miles in September.

I've now run over 2000 miles barefoot each of the last 4 years and still continue to run more miles each year barefoot than I ever ran with shoes.  Hmm...there may be something to this barefoot thing!!!

As far as totals, I've now run 11,240 miles barefoot in my life of a total of 34,818 overall miles giving me a barefoot percentage of 32.3%.  This means I've now run around the world about 1.4 times and about a third of it barefoot!

I know it all sounds like bragging, but...

I must give all the glory to God and thank Him once again for the amazing healing powers of this body He gave me.  It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when you take only what God provides, one day at a time.

Happy Winter Running Barefooters and

Have a Happy and Prosperous 2018,

Barefoot Dan

December Miles = 82.28 miles
2017 Mileage = 2017.00 miles


  1. Hey, Dan. I recently discovered your blog and am encouraged by what you're managing to do. You're a *lot* further along than I am (I'm just getting back into it again).

    It's great to find a barefoot runner who's actually running barefoot (a lot of people are in minimalist shoes now) and updating their blog regularly.

    Keep it up! You can find me here: kiwibarefooter.com