Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

End of the Month Already!

💚Hello Barefooters,
Well this month certainly went fast for me, how about you?  I know it is a short month and all, but with the busy month of January now passed, this month still just flew by.  I spent most of the month recouping from the Africa mission trip and getting caught back up at work.  I only had to travel once this month and that was a short trip up to Livonia MI and back.  February is also "birthday month" at our house with Linda's on the 10th, mine on the 24th, with Valentine's Day sandwiched in between.  Needless to say, lots of chocolate around the house and lots of extra running required!

The nice thing was we had excellent weather for most of the month.  Definitely not your typical February.  Temps peaked into the 50's and 60's later in the month and I was actually able to play golf with our UMC men's golf group on Sunday, Feb. 19th.  I shot a 42 so I probably won't be playing again anytime soon and can savor that abnormally low score for a while!  I got some pretty decent running in with the good weather and kept my weekly average above 25 miles or so which is usually very hard to do in February!

This was a good thing since I need to stay in relatively decent shape for the upcoming Tomoka Marathon on March 25th.  Earl Strong and I have planned to do another marathon road trip (as we used to do so often) and make it a nice 4 day weekend.  We will start driving on Thursday, run the marathon on Saturday and get back home late Sunday.  It will be great to have Earl along to help me celebrate (God Willing!) my final completion of the 50Sub4 circuit to get all 50 States run in under 4 hours.  As you know, my "fail" at Disney Marathon of 4 hours 11 minutes last month left me looking for yet another FL marathon. 

Well, I will keep it short this month in honor of February (a short month),

God Bless and Enjoy the Warm Weather,

Barefoot Dan

February Mileage = 102.23 miles

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