Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cold Weather Running

Hello Barefooters,

Barefoot Prints - January 2016
January has been pretty relaxing, since it started out pretty cold.  This was nice since I really needed the rest from my big push at the end of last year to hit the 2500mile mark.  The first two weeks of the month were the coldest and as a result I didn't do much barefoot running.  Actually, I only ran 5 times for a total of 27 miles those first two weeks.  During the third week we had another snowstorm but I was up in Michigan on a business trip.  I stayed at a different hotel than normal this time so I checked our their treadmills.  I did three days in a row on the treadmill and got in 5 or 6 miles each day. 

The tricky part about barefoot running on a treadmill is to find one that doesn't get too hot!  Believe it or not, the belt can get hot enough to blister your pads and toes if you aren't careful!  Depending on the quality of the belt and deck, some treadmills stay relatively cool.  The other factor is how well the unit is maintained.  If the surface of the deck is regularly treated with graphite or other lubricant, the belt can stay relatively cool since the friction will be reduced.

Regardless of the quality of the treadmill or it's maintenance plan, I still like to move around on the belt while running.  I basically try to run in 4 different spots on the belt:  top-left, top-right, bottom-left and bottom-right.  I can usually run a half mile in each spot and by the time I get through all 4, I go back to the original spot and it's usually cooled back down.  This requires a little bit of concentration to not step off the side of the belt or hit the front rail or, God forbid, step off the back roller!  It makes the boring workout a little less boring by moving around a little without falling off.

Still, I hate treadmills, so I was very happy to have a warm Saturday when I got back from Michigan and got to run outside for 8 miles here in Indiana.  The problem, of course is the wet and salty roads.  It's sort of like running on meat tenderizer!  My feet were a little raw after three days of abrasive treadmill running followed by the 8 miler on salty meat tenderizer!

This week warmed up nicely and I got in several long runs after work...a little tricky since sundown is at 6pm!  I was able to get in a total of 51 miles for the week and a monthly total of 102 miles...not bad for a cold January.  Longest run of the month was yesterday - a nice sunny (but cold) 15 miler.  Still, I'm ready for warmer weather.  Bring

Stay Warm,

Barefoot Dan

January Mileage = 102 miles  

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