Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

High Mileage April - 205 Barefoot Miles

Hello Barefooters,
Another April has come and gone and I was happy for the break in the weather.  I finally was able to get in some decent mileage this month.  My preparation for the Shiprock Marathon is coming along nicely due to some great long runs in the month of April.

The two highlights would have to be:  1. Spring Break - running on North Myrtle Beach and 2.  The Graffitti Fun Run

Our annual Spring Break trip was the first full week in April and we once again went to my sister Jill's house in North Myrtle Beach.  She was so gracious to host us for the entire week and we thoroughly enjoyed the accomodations and the close proximity to the Beach.  Each morning I could get up and run a short 2 blocks to the beach and then simply pick a direction (North or South) and begin my daily run in the surf.  Myrtle Beach is so nice to run on since it is flat as a pancake and has a huge smooth area to run on especially at low tide.  My favorite route was turning North to run all the way above Cherry Grove Pier to the end of the peninsula.  I just loved running down in the surf and watching the shod runners avoiding the waves and the pools gathering on the flat parts of the beach.

The next highlight of the month was the Graffitti Fun run at the Indiana State Fair Grounds.  Twelve of us from my church ran this race including my entire family.  I say race but it wasn't even timed...just a lot of fun to get colorized by the packets of exploding colored corn starch all around as well as the color canons at the color stations.  A good time was had by all.

The picture here is of my daughter Sarah who thoroughly enjoyed the colorization.  She stood directly in front of the color cannons at the "after party" and the transformation was pretty dramatic.

Now I'm hoping my big month of April didn't take too much of a toll on my feet for the marathon on Saturday.  I spent the week in Michigan and the gravelly trail has taken its toll...hoping the feet can recover a lot over the next 36 hours or so.  Off to Shiprock tomorrow morning with Linda.
Happy Barefooting Everyone!

Barefoot Dan

April Mileage = 205 Miles

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