Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Favorite Pastime - Resting!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

It WAS a stress fracture!

Hello Barefooters,
I finally found out a few days ago that my injury was indeed a stress fracture.  I was in my doctors office for another issue and requested a follow up X-ray from the one taken back on Feb 15, two days after I hurt my right foot.  Sure enough, the new X-ray showed a healing/healed stress fracture and here is the photographic proof.  (The round "bulb" around the 2nd metatarsal is the healing fracture.)
  I took a few extra days off afterwards, waiting for the radiologist to confirm that it was healing properly and there were no new fractures.  Still, even after getting the "go ahead" to resume normal activity, I've been thinking differently about my foot and will really be taking it extra easy for a few weeks more.  As a result my running mileage is very minimal for the month, however I did begin doing some barefoot walks and even got my wife Linda to do a few with me.  I don't think she will become a barefoot runner any time soon, but it was nice to be able to share with her some of my passion for the barefoot lifestyle and it's benefits. 

The month began with our annual Spring Break trip to FL to visit my dad and stepmom in Sebring.  On the way down we passed through Altanta, GA where we met this barefooter (a nice dog and his owner which, while not a runner, was wearing Vibrams).  We stopped off for two days in Orlando and visited Islands of Adventure and the famed Harry Potter World (my daughters' favorite part).  Eventually, we made it down to Sebring, where I did get in a long hike, starting around Lake Jackson but turned back in the early morning rain.  It was probably for the best as I would have probably gone too far on the healing foot and would have regretted it.  I went barefoot for about 3 of the 8.43 mile hike, and enjoyed this first test of the foot in any significant barefoot capacity since the injury happened (and afterall, it was still Lent and I was still on my self imposed hiatus from running).  When we got back from FL I started back up barefoot running and took it very easy.  The first week, I did a couple short runs from the house and then tested the foot on the Jackie Sanders Miracle Mile with the Club Kokomo Roadrunners for a one mile race.  I took it very easy and still came in 12th in 7:52.  Before the race Charlie Skoog honored me with the presentation of the President's Award from 2010 for running a marathon in all 50 States.  This had been a joint award to both Earl Strong and myself although I had been unable to attend the award dinner back in Feb 2011.  Even though this was a year later, it was still quite an honor to recieve this plaque from Charlie and the Club.  The next week was a business trip to CA and I went out for a quick 2 miler before dinner the first night I was there.  The trouble was, it was 84 degrees and while I knew the pavement was hot, I didn't know I was getting blistered until is was too late and this was the result:  large blood blisters on the balls of both feet as well as the big toe of the left foot.  I guess the feet were both a little tender from being in my shoes flying all day, and also I may have been a little over confident and enjoying the bright sunny day a little too much.
I've definitely had blisters before, but not heat blisters like these, although they are very similar.  These were very unexpected and very painful as well, since I had to walk around in dress shoes the next couple of days.  They are still intact now (two weeks later) as I have been taking it extremely easy since then, as my mileage totals indicate below.  I hardly consider my self a runner these days as much as a healing patient!  But I'm sure when this is all said and done, it will have been a great learning experience.  And lastly I can't conclude without relaying my GOOSE ATTACK story.  As I mentioned, Linda and I had been doing some evening barefoot walks as I recooperated.  These walks were done out our back door and down and around the pond at the bottom of the hill on the back of our property.  One one particular evening, we encountered two rather agressive geese which came swooping in from the south and sort of trapped us on the back side of the pond.  After shouting and screaming like a couple of ninnies and shaking fists and throwing sticks, we escaped around the pond and were on our way back up the hill toward the house.  We were panicked but thought surely the worst was over. 
We stopped to assess the situation and laugh about it a little although our hearts were still racing.   At this point we were a good 100 yards from the pond and the geese were on the far side.  Suddenly, one goose took off and flew across the pond making a beeline for us, honking all the way.  He swooped in and grabbed my shirt and pulled as I ran away and swung my arms around my head (like a little girl).  I'm sure it must have been funny looking, and it's a good thing Linda wasn't recording or I'd be quite a YouTube sensation by now.  All we can figure is they must be nesting somewhere around the pond although we haven't found a nest, eggs, or any baby geese.  All I know is we don't do our walks around the pond anymore without a broom or stick or something in hand to swing in self defense.  It makes for an exciting walk!
Keep running out there barefooters.  Hope to have more progress to report in May.

BF Dan

April Mileage = 9 miles
Week 1 = 0, Week 2 = 5miles, Week 3 = 3.5miles, Week 4 = 1mile

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